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Congratulations to Lisa Everett Andersen in Receiving APC Fellowship

O’Brien Pharmacy owner, Lisa Everett Andersen, Receives APC Fellowship. It is awarded based upon “the applicant’s credentials are assessed against rigorous criteria that include contributions to published literature, continuing education, presentations, leadership, professional and civic service as well as professional awards.”


O’Brien Pharmacy Joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr In Protecting Healthcare Freedom

Lisa Everett Andersen, O’Brien Pharmacy owner, pictured with Presidential Candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, at a gala in late August, after discussing their common interest in protecting healthcare rights.

Dr. Reddy, currently running for is currently running for the Kansas 3rd District Congress seat, visits O'Brien Pharmacy

A Friend in the Fight for Health Freedom

Dr. Reddy toured O’Brien Pharmacy, learning about why and how we compound the life-saving and life-expanding medications we make, as well as our other roles in helping patients and practitioners fulfill their health goals.

Advocacy: ACT Conference & Protecting Compounding Medication

Lisa Everett Andersen, RPh, CCN, FACA and Dr. Arden Andersen recently returned from Washington D.C. where they attended the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) ACT Legislative Conference.

Fish Meat Is Still Meat

Of recent, we’ve come to understand that fish have become exponentially toxic due to the increased amount of poisons we have dumped into lakes, streams, rivers, and the oceans. Besides that, the reality is fish are still meat, with all of the nasty biochemical effects that all animal products, including meat, can have on our bodies and our environment.

The O’Brien Pharmacy Difference

At O’Brien Pharmacy, we have but one passion: to serve our global community. We are  dedicated to extraordinary and individualized patient care, providing innovative, well documented, and highest quality medication and holistic solutions for practitioners and patients alike. We promote optimal lifestyle and healing with clinical consultations and the art and science of compounding without compromise. It is with gratitude and our greatest pleasure that we accept our role as a trusted cornerstone in healthcare since 1962. 

O’Brien Pharmacy is non-sterile and sterile PCAB accredited.
O’Brien Pharmacy is a FDA-inspected and FDA-compliant facility.

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