Palm Trees and Prolo:
The American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine (AOAPRM) 2024 Spring Conference


O’Brien Pharmacy Owner, Lisa Everett Andersen, Hollie Resseguie, Chief of Operations and Education, Dr. Arden Andersen, and O’Brien Pharmacy Staff educate and share on diet, plant-based nutrition, prolotherapy, pharmacy compliance and more at this year’s (AOAPRM) 2024 Spring Conference. 

We were honored to be invited to the AOAPRM Spring Conference, held in beautiful Naples, Florida. Dr. Arden Andersen opened the pre-conference discussing the effects of diet, then introduced O’Brien Pharmacy owner, Lisa Everett Andersen, who gave a 5-hour talk about the importance of prepping prolo patients with plant-based nutrition and balanced hormones. On day three of the conference, Lisa spoke again: this time presenting a 1-hour talk on nutritional deficiency and how it affects patient outcomes.  Hollie Resseguie, O’Brien Pharmacy Chief of  Operations and Education, rounded out the conference with a very important talk to explain USP <795>, <797>, and <800> regulations and the compliance choices available to doctors’ offices.

            While these subjects may be old-hand for us, many practitioners had not been introduced or had the time to dive into the importance of fortifying the body’s biochemistry. Most also found USP regulations confusing, so being able to explain these rules and their respective expectations to be compliant  was a huge benefit, and our pleasure to be a part of sharing and informing. 

            Having an O’Brien Pharmacy booth at the conference was also a new and useful opportunity to share more information on our supplements, compounding options to help practitioners, not only with prolotherapy, but also bio-identical hormone replacement, ketamine therapy, serum eye drops, and more. It was also exciting to make available Lisa’s book, Learning to Thrive in a Toxic World, as many attendees picked up a copy. 

            Doing what we can to help our world-wide community has always been a priority for O’Brien Pharmacy; therefore, we are grateful to the AOAPRM for involving us in this year’s spring conference. For more information on prolotherapy and its benefits, please visit 

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