Lisa, Misty, and Hollie discuss some pearls from the previous speaker.

The IAACN’s 32nd Annual Scientific Symposium

The 32nd IAACN Scientific Symposium, “Mitigating Neurological and Mental Health Ailments With Clinical Nutrition,” was filled with speakers and exhibitors who brought various insights for helping those suffering from neurological issues such as traumatic brain injuries, autism, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression, anxiety, and chronic brain fog, with a tie-in to general brain health.

Fish Meat Is Still Meat

Of recent, we’ve come to understand that fish have become exponentially toxic due to the increased amount of poisons we have dumped into lakes, streams, rivers, and the oceans. Besides that, the reality is fish are still meat, with all of the nasty biochemical effects that all animal products, including meat, can have on our bodies and our environment.

Fundamentals of Health and Healing

Our approach to healthcare in the United States and elsewhere around the world ignores our lifestyle and, when our health falters, looks to the medical profession for help. Although there are many cases where this is perfectly reasonable, especially with acute trauma and acute conditions, it is not the picture of panacea that has been painted. Why? 

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