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Welcome! Whether you have questions about compounded medicine, supplements, or health-related issues, we can help. Since opening our doors in 1962, it has been our pleasure to be of service to our world-wide community.


We compound your medications according to your pharmacogenomics. What does that mean? Why is it important to you? And what does the FDA have to say about it?




Once again, the IAACN will present a riveting and solution based scientific symposium October 6th-9th titled “The Synergy of 5G, EMFs, Environmental Assaults and the Impact on Human Health. Prevention, Diagnosis and Clinical Nutrition Interventions.” 


Hormone Therapy

Why are so many enlightened women and men making the move back to nature’s own when it comes to hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)? There are many researched and published benefits of HRT, and O’Brien Pharmacy has the knowledge and expertise to help. 


What can you do for yourself and your family when facing a virus?

A strong immune system that can fight any viral or bacterial attack is certainly the first step, and it starts with well documented, common sense, everyday immune boosters that involve healthy foundational lifestyle tenets. Learn more by reading our articles Tried and True Immune Boosters and Hormones and the Immune System.

Why is your right to homeopathy being threatened?

Please log into to sign their petition and get involved in preserving your right to homeopathics. Homeopathic medicine plays an important role in the treatment of patients with both major and minor health problems. It’s inexpensive, effective, and inherently safe. O’Brien Pharmacy is here to serve you with a wide range of customized constitutional and acute homeopathic remedies.

We need your help!

The FDA is at it again! They’ve come up with a new strategy yet the goal is the same: The FDA is working to take away your compounded bio-identical hormone replacement. We’re doing what we can, but we are requesting that you go to Tell your story about how compounded hormone therapy has affected your life. It only takes a few minutes, and it will help prevent the FDA from restricting your healthcare! Story by story, we can make a difference.

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O’Brien Pharmacy’s State-of-the-Art Facility and Staff

Since ancient times when Galen compounded medications in Rome, apothecaries have used their knowledge and dedication to helping mankind. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us, which is why we have worked tirelessly to develop a state-of-the-art  compounding facility and innovative staff, producing well documented, precisely measured and mixed medications for our patients. We take pride in our work, pride in our customized products, and pride in continuing the vision of those who came before us.  O’Brien Pharmacy believes in blending the greatest of technological equipment, exceptional practices, and professional know-how to produce and provide the very best customized medications for our patients’ wellbeing. We invite you to take a peak behind the scenes at our beautiful laboratory in action.

Did You Know?

Learning to Thrive in a Toxic World

In the book Learning To Thrive in a Toxic World And the Impact of Clinical Endocrinology and BHRT, A Reference for Healthcare Practitioners and Patients, Lisa Everett Andersen, Holistic Clinical Pharmacist and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist dispenses a different prescription. This body of work is one practitioner’s attempt to shed some light on these problems and to offer science-based preventative solu-tions that also come from 40 plus years of private practice and clinical research.

Lisa Everett Andersen


The O’Brien Pharmacy Difference

At O’Brien Pharmacy, we have but one passion: to serve our global community. We are  dedicated to extraordinary and individualized patient care, providing innovative, well documented, and highest quality medication and holistic solutions for practitioners and patients alike. We promote optimal lifestyle and healing with clinical consultations and the art and science of compounding without compromise. It is with gratitude and our greatest pleasure that we accept our role as a trusted cornerstone in healthcare since 1962. 

O’Brien Pharmacy is non-sterile and sterile PCAB accredited.
O’Brien Pharmacy is a FDA-inspected and FDA-compliant facility.

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