THE University of Missouri, Columbia/Springfield/Kansas City Pharmacy Camp

June 7th in Columbia (University of Missouri Campus)
June 21st in Springfield (MSU-Brick City)
June 28th in Kansas City (UMKC Campus)
This summer, the University of Missouri, Columbia, Springfield, and Kansas City campuses will host their 9th annual Pharmacy Camp. Designed for high school students and adults, this camp offers a peek into the life of a pharmacist and the different roles they may play in healthcare. Attendees will enjoy activities that are near and dear to our hearts, such as the clinical side of pharmacy and compounding! Campers will also get a taste of what it is like to attend pharmacy school by interacting with pharmacy students and faculty at each campus. 
We are excited to sponsor Pharmacy Camp this year, as many of our pharmacists, including owner Lisa Everett Andersen, are graduates of UMKC School of Pharmacy. Every year we welcome several students for an internship to learn more about what we do, so we are honored to be a part of this opportunity to encourage the next generation of pharmacists. 
If you would like more information on attending Pharmacy Camp, please find it here: https://pharmacy.umkc.edu/news-and-events/pharmacy-camp.html
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