AOAPRM Conference

April 24th-27th, 2024  * Naples, FL
“A Synergistic Approach to Prolotherapy, Regenerative Medicine and Human Biochemistry”

Need to get away? Consider joining us for a lot of education and sun at the American Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference in beautiful Naples, Florida April 24th-27th. Dr. Arden Andersen and Lisa will present a pre-conference workshop on nutrition and bio-identical hormone therapy. This will be a deep dive into both subject matters, how the proper functioning of each is necessary for and entwined with the other, and give attending practitioners the opportunity to understand more about recommendations/prescribing and follow-up. The final day of the conference brings Hollie to the stage. She will talk about USP/FDA/PCAB and compounding, explaining the ever-changing regulations regarding compounded medications used in prolotherapy. Information and registration can be found at prolotherapycollege.org

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