O'Brien Pharmacy is a FDA-inspected & FDA-compliant facility.

Terms And Conditions

b_Fr_7_1O’Brien Pharmacy will invoice the purchasing facility (office, clinic, hospital) for the product(s) and services provided. Statements will include individual patients and medications.  Net payment will be due in 45 days. Medication will not be provided to past-due accounts.

O’Brien Pharmacy will deliver and/or ship (overnight, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, ground) to a specified location at the practitioners preferred time/date (whenever possible). Our cost of shipping will be applied.  Some materials may require overnight shipping, special handling or packaging.

Home and cellular phone numbers of staff pharmacists can be provided to try to accommodate emergency or after hours situations. In addition, O’Brien Pharmacy will require phone and fax numbers of the office, clinic or hospital, and the name of at least one contact person knowledgeable of the patients, medications and procedures for timely response to questions that may arise.

O’Brien Pharmacy will not deviate from state or federal law.  If any action may be of legal question or possibly compromise any regulation, O’Brien Pharmacy will perform in the most conservative manner.

In accordance with interpretation of state and federal law, compounded medications require a prescription to include: patient name, medication, quantity, directions and prescribing physician. Prescriptions may be faxed or phoned, and a convenient, pre-printed prescription order form is often available for multiple prescriptions. In addition, if a controlled substance is involved, the physician’s DEA number (CII, CIII, CIV, CV) is also required.

Because of loss of medication during some compounding processes (filtration, transfer, testing, etc.), volumes may need to be written for slightly more than the final volume desired.

Please call to address any other questions or concerns that may arise