O'Brien Pharmacy is a FDA-inspected & FDA-compliant facility.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance Procedures:c_20041123_0027

This Includes Complete Recall and Reporting Ability on Any Ingredient of Any Product or Prescription at Any Time.


Quality Chemicals:

Quality compounding begins with quality chemicals that meet or exceed stringent pharmaceutical specifications.  Inexpensive chemicals that are past or near expiration, with no independent verification, are available but unacceptable to O’Brien Pharmacy.  And a Certificate of Analysis is on file for ALL of our chemicals.

Selection of chemical grade:  USP>NF>FCC>ASC>Stop, with distinctions made for route of administration and risk to benefit.

Our chemicals come from a FDA-inspected chemical supplier with the following quality control process:


Only one chemical supplier has this extensive quality-control program.  The chemicals are more expensive, but anything less is an unnecessary risk.

Testing Protocols: