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Preceptor of the Year

lisa2009 – University of Kansas

In 2009, Lisa Everett, owner and pharmacist at O’Brien Pharmacy, was awarded the honor Preceptor of the Year by the University of Kansas 2009 pharmacy student body. Nominees for the preceptor of the year award excel amongst their peers in meeting the challenges of educating students in an ever-changing pharmacy world. Students voted for Lisa as a preceptor who proved most influential in their training and exceeded their expectations for clinical experience, knowledge expansion and innovation in the career of pharmacy.

Lisa Everett has set the standard in her practice as one of the most well versed pharmacists in hormones and clinical nutrition. By acknowledging the connection between the mind, body and spirit, and using the idea of a collaborative team approach, Lisa has helped thousands of patients actualize their individual health care goals.

By constantly learning and evolving, Lisa provides an extraordinary example of how pharmacist can move away from the count, pour, lick and stick and be a trusted and knowledgeable resource in the community and across the country for patients and clinicians alike.