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Natural Options

b_Lisa Dr KImagine. You have just received a prescription from your doctor for hormone replacement therapy. The doctor explained that benefits include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and possibly Alzheimer’s. And of course, these are in addition to addressing the many uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Fortunately, unlike perhaps your mother or friend, your doctor has written you a prescription for natural hormone replacement therapy. Instead of subjecting your body to the ravages of synthetic hormones and the hormones nature intended for other mammals (often derrived from horse urine), you are about to receive hormones identical to those produced by your body. Your doctor believes you will receive all of the benefits of hormone replacement, without the extensive and diverse complications of artificial hormones foreign to your delicate systems.

Now imagine a pharmacy with the experience of 18 years and thousands of patients to help guide you and your physician through the many intricacies and nuances of natural hormone replacement. In addition to those natural options, this pharmacy is staffed by NATURAL pharmacists, including two Certified Clinical Nutritionists, who are experts in the dependence between our delicate hormone balance and our diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and exposure to toxins.

This is pharmacy for the 21st Century — the way pharmacy was meant to be. At O’Brien Pharmacy, we treat every patient as the unique individual they are. Just as it takes a shoe store thousands of pairs to satisfy the fit and desire of a specific customer, we literally compound hundreds of different formulas to meet the needs of a specific, individual patient.

Synthetic and animal hormone manufacturers offer a paltry handful of dosage options, with the curious hopes that one might be tolerable. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of patients find the benefits versus the side effects a reasonable trade — studies show most women quickly discontinue synthetic hormone replacement.

Natural hormones are not commercially manufactured because, in most cases, they cannot be patented, and drug companies rely on patents to guarantee profits. By creating a new chemical hormone, a patent can be issued. These modified hormones will produce some expected beneficial effects, but they can also generate many unwanted adverse reactions.

Our process typically begins with a consultation with a natural pharmacist, addressing past and current health status, as well as future health potential. Then, recommendations are made regarding diet, lifestyle, and proper nutritional supplementation. Finally, when appropriate, suggestions are made regarding natural hormone replacement therapy, subject, of course, to the agreement and prescription authorization by the patient’s doctor.

Millions of women have discovered the positive impact that natural hormone replacement can have on their lives. If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, or if you are now using unnatural hormones with less than satisfying results, you owe it to yourself to explore the options of natural hormone replacement.