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News and Events

Our own Lisa Everett Andersen, B.SC. PHARM, FACA, CCN will be presenting at two upcoming events.

International College of Integrative Medicine

September 22-27, 2020

Detroit, MI

“Endocrine Ecosystems: Balanced Hormones and Reduced Toxicity for Patient Health and Happiness.”

Lisa will give a shortened version of her highly acclaimed presentation, “Sex, Lies, and Hormones” at this fall’s ICIM conference. Also presenting is her husband and notably recognized speaker on human health, farming, and soil management, Col. Arden Andersen, DO, MSPH, PhD.

Visit https://icimed.com/events/endocrine-ecosystem-balanced-hormones-and-reduced-toxicity-for-patient-health-and-happiness/ for more information.

International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists

October 22-24, 2020

Fort Worth, TX

“Sex, Lies, and Hormones: Applied Endocrinology”

For those of you who have been waiting for Lisa to speak on hormones again, you’re in luck! As keynote speaker, Lisa will present for several days at this year’s IAACN Scientific Symposium. Leading endocrine researcher, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, and neuroendocrinologist and melatonin expert, Dr. Russel Reiter, will also present.

Visit https://www.iaacn.org/2020-scientific-symposium/ for more information.

O’Brien Pharmacy Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Eric Everett, RPh and O’Brien Pharmacy are proud to have partnered with the Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Foundation (HHT) to design and conduct an FDA-approved drug study for HHT treatments, published in JAMA.  For more than 20 years, drug companies, universities and hospitals have relied on the experience, innovation, technology and documentation of O’Brien Pharmacy to partner in research and clinical trials.  This is the second time O’Brien Pharmacy has been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

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Investing in the Future

O’Brien Pharmacy is investing heavily in the future of personal, customized medications with a remodel project for 2017.  All-new, state-of-the-art, modular laboratories are just the beginning for safety, quality and environmental control.  New equipment, techniques, software and workflow will take your overall experience to an even higher level.  O’Brien Pharmacy will continue to set the standard and remain a national leader in sterile and non-sterile custom medications.  Thank you for your patience as we remodel, reinvest and look to the future!