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Eric Everett: Pharmacist of the Year

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Congratulations to Eric Everett, of O’Brien Pharmacy in Kansas City, Missouri, for being named PCCA’s M. George Webber Compounding Pharmacist of the Year.

PCCA has named Eric Everett, RPh, CCN, FIACP of O’Brien Pharmacy in Kansas City, Missouri, as the 2002 Dr. M. George Webber Compounding Pharmacist of the Year. This award is presented annually to the PCCA member who demonstrates service excellence with patients, healthcare providers and pharmacy colleagues alike.

L. David Sparks, PCCA’s President, presented Eric with the award during PCCA’s January International Seminar (see photo at right). “For 2002, we are very pleased to recognize a pharmacist who has demonstrated the highest in quality and ethical standards throughout his pharmacy career,” says David. “Eric has helped to continue a legacy of compounding pharmacy, practicing the lessons his father imparted of always acting in the best and highest good of the patient.”award

Founded in 1962 by Eric’s father, Harry Everett, O’Brien Pharmacy today occupies 4,500 square feet, with 300 square feet dedicated to the compounding laboratory, 100 square feet to the sterile laboratory and the remainder to the pharmacy, natural products three exam rooms and four consultation offices. Eric coowns the practice with his sister, Lisa Everett, RPh, CCN. All three pharmacists graduated from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Pharmacy, and worked together for almost 30 years.

As soon as word spread that Eric had been awarded Pharmacist of the Year, commendation letters began arriving from healthcare practitioners, legislators and state medical officials. Jane L. Murray, MD, of Sastun Center Integrative Health Care, wrote, “I have worked closely with Eric and his staff at O’Brien Pharmacy over the last several years to find compounded formulations that will optimize my patients’ medical care. Eric is a superb professional, outstanding pharmacist and true expert in compounding. I have learned so much by working with Eric and having him create novel formulations and delivery systems to help patients.”

Jo Jeanne Callaway, MD, in private practice in Kansas City, lauded Eric for his commitment to continued education. “Some years ago, Eric decided with his sister that it was necessary to become more knowledgeable about clinical nutrition in order to serve patients better pharmacologically. So he undertook a course of study and with my recommendation sat for and passed the examination to become a certified clinical nutritionist. This added fund of knowledge about good human nutrition and nutritional supplements has offered additional service to patients, and of course, has increased his competence as a pharmacist.”

House of Representatives Member Karen McCarthy, Fifth District, Mo.: “O’Brien’s firm commitment to honesty, integrity, and responsibility serves as a national model for the pharmaceutical industry and consumers. Thank you for the work you do each day to meet the compounding needs in our community.”

ericeverettAnd finally, John C. Hagan, III, MD, FACS, editor of the Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association, said, “I began to use O’Brien Pharmacy hyaluronidase for my eye surgery patients. The product worked extremely well. With Dr. Warren Hill of Phoenix, Arizona, we began a prospective clinical study comparing O’Brien Pharmacy compounded hyaluronidase with the last available Wydase that North Kansas City Hospital could obtain. Our study was reported at the San Diego 2001 meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and published in the International Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, EyeWorld News and Ophthalmic Surgery. We found that O’Brien hyaluronidase worked better than Wydase. The patients had less pain during and after eye surgery, surgeons felt the anesthesia worked better and the product was 30 percent less expensive.”

Eric was able to experience his Pharmacist of the Year evening with his wife, mother and sister in attendance. “Both the surprise and the honor will bring a smile to my face for years to come,” he says. “It is truly a great compliment to be counted among the passionate people of this profession.” On behalf of the entire PCCA staff, congratulations to Eric Everett for being named Pharmacist of the Year.